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Be a Brand Ambassador of Bosch World Experience 2014

Bosch Wold Experience
Bosch Wold Experience

Hai readers, selama membuat blog ini, penulis belum penah mempublikasikan tulisan dalam bahasa inggris. Kebetulan ada lomba traveling ke 3 benua yang disponsori oleh BOSCH, Perusahaan Teknologi modern di Jerman dengan hadiah Jalan-Jalan gratis ke 3 benua (Amerika, Asia dan Eropa) dengan negara: Inggris, USA, Panama, China, Singapore dan terakhir di Jerman.

Peserta diwajibkan untuk mengisi biodata dan tulisan pendek. Awalnya penulis mengira harus membuat tulisan pendek sebanyak 1.500 kata (3-4 halaman) seperti essay-essay yang penulis ikuti sebelumnya, tapi ternyata cuma 1.500 karakter (dua paragraf). Jadilah tulisannya terlalu panjang dan setelah diringkas sana-sini, akhirnya bisa juga muat 1.500 karakter.

Daripada tulisan yang panjang tersebut terbuang percuma, ada baiknya penulis menuilskan saja di blog ini, siapa tau reader ada yang mau membaca dan juga sharing pengalaman penulis. Bukan berarti tulisan di bawah ini merupakan role model essay yg baik, karena penulis belum pernah menulis blog dalam bahasa inggris, pun bellum pernah memenangi kompetisi english essay.

tanpa membuang masa, silahkan di baca tulisan di bawah ini.

Be a Brand Ambassador of Bosch World Experience 2014

Author’s Talent

To begin, the history of human civilization cannot be separated from technological dependence. With high sense of curiosity, human being since prehistoric era race to invent, to create, and to discover technological devices in order to make their activities easier in daily life. Starting from a simple technology created by ancient Egyptians which was made from wooden wheel to bring building materials for the construction of the pyramids, the hanging gardens in Babylon that drains water from the bottom to the top of gardens. In addition, in the mid-century, it has discovered the sluice system in London that drained water from the lowlands to the hills. This invention is useful to take wine from the inland to the English city of London which is known as the London Canal.

Panama Canal
Panama Canal

Additionally, it has been proven that technology takes an important role for the welfare of mankind. But technology is like the double-edged sword because when it held by kind scientists it will give benefits for the mankind. For instance, the discovery of yellow cake (material made from nuclear base) which can be used for the benefit of generating power which is very useful for its efficiency and virtually zero pollution. However, science can be a nightmare for human civilization to the wrong destination, namely the use of the atomic bombs used during World War II between the Japanese and Allied soldiers. In war of allies and Japan, hundreds of thousands of people died instantly. There were thousands of people who were exposed to radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki for decades after the war slowly passed away.

I’ve visited the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum (Nagasaki Genbaku Shiryokan) in Nagasaki. There were many stories and melancholy stories of the survivors of the war and eventually passed away after exposure to radiation. Besides, we can see memorabilia relics of war victims who remind us to put knowledge only for the benefit of the people.

Moreover, as a young generation who become the actor of technology development, I strongly support that technology application for the benefit of mankind and feel the benefits of technological developments. It started since my first introduction to Internet in 2004, when for the first time I enrolled as a freshman of Law Faculty in Hasanuddin University. At that time, many articles and scientific papers on the internet that can enrich law scientific field and the amount of information about competition and student exchanges. The author is very active in participating in scientific writing contest to win several competitions, including: Third winner of writing Competition in University sophomore, national finalist competition program of student creativity in the field of community service University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Reading Ambassador of Makassar City, the first winner of Hasanuddin University Student Achievers and most recently in 2007-2008 followed a student exchange program at the University of Saga, Japan. It is related to the development of technologies through internet which is revolutionary so that the delivery and the dissemination of information can be known by the authors which makes it possible to follow many competitions on time.


When I was in Japan, I studied the Japanese language and Japanese culture. In addition, I got knowledge about how technology has changed societies’ life from Japanese traditional farmers into a modern industrial society advanced. By having language skills after studying intensive during the first semester and the next semester, the author worked part time job in Engineering Company named Shimauchi Engineeringi. In this company, the author worked together with Japanese citizens, worked with modern technology to analyze structure and resistance of the soil sample in laboratory before conducted  on-site construction of the land taken. Although my background is as a law student, it is not a barrier because of the language skills and help of the technology, all of things will be easier.

Furthermore, after returning to Indonesia, the author opens a Japanese language course at a junior college for free of charge. The purposes are to introduce them about the culture and try to open their insights about Indonesian students’ life in abroad. Besides, the author writes various tips and experiences while studying in Japan at the author’s blog. Hopefully, I can share with another student or can be an inspiration to other students who are interested in for some of the competition who writer has been successfully won.

Are you active in social media?

With the rapid of development of technology currently, the author also greatly helped in many things. It is not only useful in doing lecture as a master student of law but also it is useful in socializing with friends. The purposes are can stay contact with old friend and share knowledge with other people. In addition to having an account, the author was also active for some of accounts. There were on Facebook since 2007, on Twitter since 2009 and on Instagram since 2011. Besides, the author had YouTube account since 2007 and in late 2012 and also joined in social media path. By using a smart phone, almost every day, the author posts images and pictures and write on the social media and link sources are useful for friends and readers. I use social media to socialize, to share some tips, to publish news and to find many kinds of news. Moreover, I also have a blog on WordPress that I used to write about traveling in anyplace. Then, my experience when I followed the student exchange in Japan and the scientific papers about science of law. Furthermore, I am also the owner and manager in website www.tanyanotaris.com, a site that provides information about the world of notaries and PPAT, although it is still under construction. The activeness of the author on social media and have many friends and readers who read the blog and social media, I am sure it will be a plus for the author if selected as one of participants in Bosch Explorer program who act as a brand ambassador Explorers Bosch. Besides, the author will always report on journey, stop while on the move, and especially for the local Bosch project. All these reports, I can create them into the format of photos, videos, and other articles so that the message of technology of the innovation of Bosch and Bosch’s vision in providing convenience to its technology can be conveyed to the reader clearly.


Bosch MDA Catalogue 2013What inspires you and why do you want to be a part of the Bosch World Experience 2014

There is an old saying that is very familiar when we studied in the Elementary School. It is very useful up to this point to improve students’ passion in the Elementary School to read as follows: “Reading opens the window of the world”. It has practically become the proverbial spirit of students to keep reading and explore science sections or state who had never visited. When the author studied in Senior High School, the author was so diligent to go to the library to read series of countries’ book in five continents with captions. The book is very useful for the author to have a dream that one time the author can set foot in the five continents. Then, tell to the reader about the author’s experience during surrounding the five continents. By surrounding the countries that author had never explored before it will be useful for the author to open up insights, knowledge, perspective, life, culture, and local wisdom for the society. I still believe in the old adage, entitled “Reading opens the windows of the world” but this time the author believes and wants to introduce a new adage that “Traveling is the Door of the World.” In addition, by traveling we can see the cultural diversity of the society, learn the local wisdom, apply the technology and interact with setting in which different cultures. Moreover, no longer read a story but share the story, no longer hear the story but tell the story. Also, it allows us to enrich the understanding against foreign cultures. If reading is a window to the world, we can only see the world from the viewpoint of the author’s perspective, and perhaps only a portion of the side of the world. In contrast, by traveling as the door of the world we can try to explore parts of the world that we visit from our point of view, look at the wider world with entry into some countries through traveling, write our own experience without caught up with the writer’s glasses who tells us through the views and experiences of the essay books that we read. Traveling opens our chance to get to know a part of the development of other countries and cultures closer and more intimate. We can even make a paper or a book about our journey without any restriction whatever we can afford.

    Drive a Non driver car in California
Drive a Non driver car in California

As a company that has been a witness and perpetrators of the historical development of science and technology world, BOSCH has shown his work in various fields of technology by cooperating with many countries and covers a wide range of scientific applications in its application. Starting from behind the scenes over the workings of the old machine to the system in the London Tower bridge, through the Bosch Rexroth built latest key on waterways Panama city since 1914,provided 4,500 loudspeaker in Shanghai Tower, introduced a car that can run by itself and can negotiate with congestion without any human intervention. As a youth, I am eager to be a part of history of BOSCH which has changed the world with its technology. In addition, it gives impact on the local and global economy. In fact, an active role of BOSCH Rexroth in Panama City that ensures the connection of line economy from South to North America or any time revolution of the technology can be solution for traffic jam in Jakarta with the invention of the future car are being developed in Palo Alto, San Francisco, USA.

Grand Finale to Germany
Grand Finale to Germany

I am interested in being part of the Bosch World Experience because I really like something related to technology that can be applied in daily life. Besides, I am sure that BOSCH is a company that can embody it. In addition, by following the Bosch World Experience 2014, I can share my ideas and experiences through writing on social media and blog, and then have traveling to a country which I had never visited before by leveraging technology. Moreover, I can look at how much technology can impact for human well-being and take lessons from that experience then tell to people through social media so that it can be inspire those who read it. BOSCH with all the technological capabilities that can be applied in many fields of work and human activity can inspire people and young people in many countries. In fact, the technology which developed carefully and controlled by the right people and companies will make the world better than before. In conclusion, our job as Ambassador Bosch World Experience 2014 is to make sure the message can be up to readers and communities around the world.

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